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  What is a homepage?
  How do I create a homepage?
  Where is my homepage?
  What are my FTP settings?
  What do you mean 'upload' my homepage?
  What is the etc folder?


Your homepage is a physical space on one of the E3 web servers. This provides you with a place to store your web pages that is permanently connected to the Internet. From this space, your homepage is accessible to anybody with access to the World Wide Web.

All customers are assigned 5MB [megabytes] of web space when they activate their homepage.



Web pages are written using a formatting language called HTML. To create your web pages you can either code the HTML manually with a simple text editor such as Notepad [see the HTML tutorials under the resource section of this page], or use one of the many software packages available. Visit Tucows and search for HTML Software.

Once you have created your web pages, you must upload them to the E3 web server using your favorite FTP [File Transfer Protocol] software. Many freeware and shareware software packages are available on the Internet. Visit Tucows and search for FTP Software or download one of the clients under the downloads section of this page.



To allow people to visit your website, you must give them the URL, or address of your website so that they are able to find it. The URL of your website is as follows



If you have found an FTP program to download, or you already have an FTP program that you would like to use to upload your web pages with, you will need these settings to be able to access your 5MB of web space.

Your User ID: yourusername
Your Password: yourpassword

When you first use FTP to access your web space, a file called index.html will automatically appear in your web space directory. This is the placeholder for your homepage. When you upload your new web pages, be sure that the page you wish visitors to see first is named index.html.

[Note: Filenames are case sensitive - Index.html is not the same as index.html]



To upload your webpage, you will need an FTP program. Several Freeware and Shareware versions can be found by searching the net. Try downloading one from under the downloads section on the left of this page.

This software provides a link between the files on your computer, and your web space on the E3 web server. It can be used to both upload your files to your web space, and delete any unwanted files from your web space.



The etc folder and the files it contains allow you to view your files you have uploaded. You are not able to delete or modify these files. They contain username to uid and group name to gid mappings. Please do not remove this directory or your ftp software will not display directory listsings anymore.